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  • Education is not the learning of facts but training of the mind to think.

    - Albert Einstein

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my little campus’ strengths

  • our pledgeunlock your child’s ability

    As educators, we believe that learning should be tackled at the root – how to encourage intrinsic motivation in learning. From a big picture perspective, we strive in best effort basis to combine fun and academic exercises in each lesson plan – so our children can uncover unexpected fun in learning and stretch their minds.

    Our curriculum is designed to maximize a child’s learning potential and prepare our MLC graduate the academic-readiness to adapt well into the demands of Singapore rigorous education system.

  • bilingualismbegins as young as three

    Mandarin is voted Top 5 most difficult language in the world which requires 2200 hours to learn. As more families exclusively use English at home, children today gets much less exposure to Mandarin – making learning of this difficult language a herculean task.

    This is why consistent early mandarin exposure in our centers is critical for your child to effective wield mandarin before entering primary school. Our curriculum is designed to ensure students in MLC are consistently exposed to the use of Mandarin.


hear what parents have to say

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thanks the Teachers at MLC (Pasir Ris) center for taking care of and teaching my daughter.

    My daughter joined the center since Feb this year when she was 3yrs and 3 months old. She coped very well since her 1st full day at school. She learns more and faster there. We are mainly Mandarin-speaking family, we tried to teach her English and we also sent her to English enrichment class since she was 2.5yrs old, but there isn’t much progress. But after she started school one month, she can speak simple English to us at home.

    She now knows the correct way to grip pencil and can write some alphabets even though not so neat. She shows much interesting in drawing pictures recently. She learnt a lot of English and Chinese songs which she often sings at home.

    She likes her teachers very much because the teachers at MLC (Pasir Ris) centers are very nice and patient. She likes sharing with me things about her teachers and classmates at school.

    Teacher Melanie, who is my daughter’s English teacher and I often communicate about the progress that my girl has made, and the areas that needs to be improved or put more effort on. She also shared with me lots of pictures of activities the kids are involved in at school, then I can have more topics with my daughter when we are at home. We are very happy that we have chosen MLC (Pasir Ris) center for our daughter.

    Jenny Liu (MLC Pasir Ris) - 2017

  • I will like to give my appreciation and thanks to the team of great principal, teachers and aunties at My Little Campus (Yishun).

    Both my daughters each attended the pre-school since aged 3 to 6. I had witness how they had both turned from clingy and shy toddlers into confident, extrovert and well-balanced young children under the constant guidance of the teachers in MLC (Yishun). The principle and her team are all highly dedicated with deep passion for the kids under their care. They make it a point to know each and every student well, their strengths and weaknesses and work closely with us parents on how we can bring out the best in our kids. MLC (Yishun) has also prepared my daughters well academically for their entry into Primary 1. Both my girls breeze through the first year of primary with little stress, thereby allowing them to transit into a bigger school and enjoying every moment of it.

    I will like to take this opportunity to give credit to Ms Jenny, Teacher Lina, Teacher Afena and Teacher Bibi, Auntie Neo, Auntie Teo who had seen my daughters through all their moments and taking it all in their strides. They had all shown great patience and love to my daughters that I have no worries leaving the kids in their charge. I will highly recommend MLC (Yishun) to anyone who is looking for a great, dedicated pre-school for their child!

    Christine Kang (MLC Yishun) - 2016

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About my little campus

  • our mission

    To provide younger children with unlimited learning opportunties.

  • our vision

    A reputable early childhood care and education provider most admired for its people, and curriculim operational excellence.

  • our commitment

    We are committed to provide quality care & services in the early childhood sector. Our team of experienced, qualified & dedicated staff are committed to facilitate, motivate & develop child’s potential to the fullest.

  • core values

    p - Professionalism
    a - Appreciation
    s - Service Quality
    s - Synergy
    i - Innovation
    o - Optimism
    n - Nurturing the young Spirit