our programs

K1 (5 years old)

Learn & Play

At 5 years old, children have developed strong sense of self, confidence and openness to learn & interact. Our lesson itineraries for K1 incorporates learning points where children can articulate in clear logical sentences.

Time to time, we incorporate hands-on science experiments for students such as planting seeds to describe lifecycle of plants or coming out with illustrative showcase of how capillary action works in flowers through dyed water.

K2 (6 years old)

School Readiness

At K2, gradual acceleration of structured learning is key for a K2 child to adapt well in Primary School. The average Primary 1 class size is 35–40 compared to K2 class size of 20–25 in 2015. A child will need to adapt to higher levels of independent learning in Primary School.

In MLC, we prepare a comprehensive learning pace for our K2 students in mathematics, science and linguistic skills. By end of the school year, students will showcase their performance skills through highly-coordinated by-the-second dance moves in their graduation concert. We strive to develop a well-rounded confident MLC graduate.

Source: MOE