Wellington for Infant Care

My Little Campus - MLC (Wellington)

Located within Sembawang Mart along Wellington Circle, our MLC @ Wellington Branch is one of the trio of campuses in the north of Singapore. It’s also one of our most convenient locations for parents, being easily accessed by public bus or train and just 5 minutes from Sembawang MRT.

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An Exclusive Infant Care Service at Wellington

Our infant care programme at Wellington is among the finest in Singapore, being carried out in brand-new facilities within a safe and secure environment. Our experienced educarers have also trained specifically for infant-care. 

Our programme is the perfect way to immerse young ones in an environment conducive to their growth. With the perfect blend of stimulation and nurture, we encourage young learners to explore and engage with the world around them.

The centre has been newly renovated to provide a spacious environment for infants.

To enquire or enroll in our infant care programme, message or call us at +65 8228 7432.

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Centre Information

Address: 511 Canberra Road Sembawang Mart, #03-01, Singapore 750511
(5 minutes from Sembawang MRT)
Contact: 68533089
Email: admin511@mylittlecampus.com.sg


Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm
Saturday 7am – 2pm
Sunday Closed

How to get to here

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My Little Campus @ Wellington is easily accessible by car or public transport. 

Nearest MRT station: Sembawang (North South Line)
Bus Stop Name: Blk 424a
Bus Stop ID: 58121
Bus service no.: 656, 856, 859, 859A, 981

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Programmes available at MLC @ Wellington

Our Sembawang preschool services cover full-day sessions ranging from infant care to kindergarten 2. 

    •     • Infant: 2 months - 17 months old
    •     • Playgroup: 18 months - 2 years old
    •     • Nursery 1: 3 years old
    •     • Nursery 2: 4 years old
    •     • Kindergarten 1: 5 years old
    •     • Kindergarten 2: 6 years old

Why choose us for a preschool in Singapore?

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Infant Care That Nurtures and Stimulates

• Stimulating and nurturing environment

• Targets physical development, exploration, engagement, emotional development and confidence

• Engages fine motor skills along with cognitive development

*Our Infant Care programme is only available at here at MLC @ Bedok and MLC @ Wellington

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A Preschool Programme Designed for Toddlers

Adapt to classroom routines and collaborative playtime with peers

Fine motor skills development through activities, stories and experiences

*Our Toddler Care programme is available at MLC @ Bedok, MLC @ Pasir Ris and MLC @ Canberra, MLC @ Sembawang, MLC @ Wellington and MLC @ Bishan

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Comprehensive Curriculum Delivery for School Readiness

All-rounded development in Maths, Science, English and Mandarin

Use of visual aids, physical tools and academic exercises to stretch the minds of each student through imagination and play

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Building a Foundation in Mandarin during Formative Years

Encourage intrinsic motivation in learning a second language

Exposure to Mandarin through Han Yu Pin Yin, Listening Comprehension and recitals

Additional programs of Speech & Drama and Abacus enrichment classes for strong bilingual skills

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Focus Beyond Academic Pursuits

Providing good moral education: empathy, independence, confidence, curiosity in learning, moral values and social etiquette

Emphasis on creative learning through different platforms and play-based lesson structures

Why other parents love MLC

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As new parents, we wanted a place that would be safe and close to home to save time and travel distance. Deciding on childcare was a big decision as neither of us had attended one.

When our daughter just started MLC early January, we actually worried that she might not be used to the new environment but the teachers there encouraged our child and helped her overcome the fears.

We also noticed the teachers always greet every child by their names even though they are not their class teacher.  The teachers are very friendly and always available for any questions. They take their time to explain how our daughter did at school.

Our daughter is very fortunate to meet a wonderful principal and many wonderful teachers in MLC.

Many thanks to the principal, teachers and the staff of MLC.

Xue Qin (MLC Pasir Ris) – 2017

Our twins had started with MLC (Bedok Reservoir) since 2016 and now our little one is also joining her older sibling. MLC has given them a secure and comfortable environment to grow and learn together. We can see our children are progressing daily and learning constantly with MLC. As parents, we are always being informed of the progress of our children in school daily and that makes us feel very secure as we know that they are under the care of the loving teachers of MLC.

Parents of Elstann Tan(N2), Elfreya Tan (N2), Elvina Tan (PG)

Parents of Elstann (N2), Elfreya (N2) and Elvina (PG) – MLC Bedok Reservoir 2018

For the past 6 months, Shannon has adapted very well to the school and enjoys her time with the teachers and her friends. We knew we had made the right choice to enrol her here. Thank you all for your dedication, care and love!

Parents of Shannon See (MLC Bedok Reservoir – Infant 2018)

Enrol your child in the best childcare and preschool in Wellington and Sembawang

If you want your child to get the best preschool experience possible, enquire about our programmes now. You can also book a tour of our campus to see what facilities your little one will have access to.