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World Affairs Outlook: Preparing our Children for the Future Stage

As parents, we often worry that our kids may fall behind in the rigorous Singapore education system. Consistently Singapore ranks high in terms of education assessment metrics. As of 2016, Singapore is ranked #1 worldwide in the influential PISA & TIMMSS 2016 World Rankings.

As educators, we believe that learning should be tackled at the root – how to encourage intrinsic motivation in learning. From a big picture perspective, we strive in best effort basis to combine fun and academic exercises in each lesson plan so our children can uncover unexpected fun in learning.

The gradual quiet tectonic shift of powers from West to East has been long predicted by our late Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. In today’s rising influence of China in global affairs, learning Mandarin has become more relevant.

Mandarin is voted Top 5 most difficult language in the world which requires 2200 hours to learn. As more families exclusively use English at home, children today gets much less exposure to Mandarin – making learning of this difficult language a herculean task. Which is why early Mandarin exposure is critical.

1: USA’s Foreign Service Institute

Focus in Comprehensive Curriculum Delivery for School Readiness

In MLC, our teachers focus on comprehensive learning experience for our students to prepare for the rigors of Singapore’s primary school education.

We focus on delivery an all rounded development for children in Math, Science, English and Mandarin.


In Math, students gets exposed to high level math concepts though the guidance of our teachers. We also make full use of visual aids to assist learning math through imagination and physical tools to learn from. From simple numerical skills to advanced topics such as multiplications – we strive to stretch the minds of each MLC student, achieving their latent potential early on.

Parents do come to us and appreciate the MLC curriculum as this has given their child a comfortable buffer to adapt in primary school routine where each child might not get sufficient attention as they did in preschool.

Focus with Grasp of Mandarin during Formative Years

Learning Mandarin is difficult especially when the child’s household does not speak it. As reiterated, Mandarin requires 2,200 dedicated hours to learn. We understand that the best way to learn Mandarin is constant exposure at a young age through diligent practices.

In MLC, we reinforce strong Mandarin practices through Han Yu Pin Yin, Listening Comprehension and recitals. Familiarization in Chinese Character writing and forming sentences are key to child’s grasp in Mandarin.

Additionally, our enrichment program Chinese Speech & Drama engages our MLC students to make learning Mandarin fun, we associate learning of words with beautiful folklore and historical events that inspired the 5000 year old complex writing system of Mandarin.

Alternatively, our Chinese Abacus enrichment class strengthens a child’s arithmetic processes and speed in mental calculations.

We understand learning Mandarin can be tedious. In MLC we try our outmost best to combine structural learning demands and incorporate of fun elements to make learning Mandarin an enjoyable process.

Focus beyond Academic Pursuits

A good education is more than just academic grades. This is especially so in today’s creativity-driven economy. At MLC, we believe that doing well in life doesn’t necessarily imply straight As for the exams.

We believe that a good education should impart strong moral values, independence, steady confidence, curiosity in learning, empathy towards people and social etiquette to a Child that he/she can use for life.

Our Principals & Teachers work together to deliver play-based activities time to time. To create different platforms of learning instead of passive instructional learning. To bring our children out to explore new experiences in excursions and walks. To express themselves and shine brightly on stage through our concert performance. We want to groom our children to be abled individuals capable of pushing new boundaries.