What parent says

  • I would like to compliment Ms Agnes and Teacher Zirah. I am very grateful to them for being very understanding with me especially for the first 2 weeks where I was very anxious about my child and constantly texted/emailed them. They gave me a daily update on my child (with photos and videos) to ease my worries. Appreciate their effort.

    I can see the enthusiasm and passion in Agnes working in this childcare, which I didn’t see in my child’s previous childcare. I enjoy talking to her and she also gives good advice.

    Parent of Ong Jia Le (MLC Pasir Ris)

    Parent of Ong Jia Le (MLC Pasir Ris)

  • Ms Agnes is prompt and always follows up on our requests. Teacher Melanie is very patient and attentive to our daughter’s needs even when my introverted daughter tends to be very shy in sharing her thoughts. Teacher Zirah is approachable and looks after my daughter in Toddler class well.

    Parent of Seraphina Tan and Micaela Tan, MLC Pasir Ris

    Parent of Seraphina Tan and Micaela Tan, MLC Pasir Ris

  • Many thanks for accompanying Ariel in her maiden learning journey. Initially we were apprehensive she cannot adjust well. However she did well with the guidance of both of you. That gave us a peace of mind.

    We noticed Ariel has started to develop qualities such as confidence, self discipline, sociability and she also picked up some vocabulary. This facilitated her learning. Her appetite also improved as she start to lunch with her classmates.
    Thank you for the hard work!

    Parents of Ariel, MLC Yishun

    Parents of Ariel, MLC Yishun

  • Calvyn transferred to MLC Yishun in May last year and we were very nervous after he suddenly developed a fear of going to his previous preschool in the last couple of months with them.

    Our boy is now much happier here. Both Principal Jenny and her team are very responsive and provide updates. My boy is full of praise for Teacher Lina, his class teacher for the playgroup year and loves his daily meals cooked by Auntie Teo.

    This year in Nursery, Teacher Dana is equally caring and takes a lot of effort in encouraging him to converse in English as he largely spoke Mandarin at home. Now that he is older, he will tell us what he does in school everyday and that he loves going to school. He pretends to teach us at home and says he wants to be a teacher when he grows up.

    He also enjoys the enrichment drama classes and Aikido sessions the school provided as options which are great to free him up for play and exploring on the weekends. As parents, we are glad to see him growing more confident and making more friends in school. Thank you very much to the team in MLC Yishun!

    Parents of Calvyn, MLC Yishun

    Parents of Calvyn, MLC Yishun

  • MLC Yishun has provided my child with an educational environment that has catered to their individual personalities. Through encouraging independent learning, they have developed in all areas and abilities both academic and creative. A team of dedicated teachers led by Ms. Jenny and non-teaching staff non-other than aunties, who take care of our precious little ones – every day!

    Parent at MLC Yishun

    Parent at MLC Yishun

  • Dear Ms Agnes

    Thank you for the update on my girl’s process. I also would like to thank all teachers for their effort. They are professional and show great dedication in their job, especially teacher Melanie, I can always reach her when I need to talk about my daughter. There are also many teachers who taught my girl whom impress me with their professionalism and their love for their kids under their charge.

    I always feel blessed as a parent with my child being educated at this school.

    Best Regards
    Vicky Bui

    Parent of Kailey (MLC Pasir Ris PG 2019)

  • Our twins had started with MLC (Bedok Reservoir) since 2016 and now our little one is also joining her older sibling. MLC has given them a secure and comfortable environment to grow and learn together. We can see our children are progressing daily and learning constantly with MLC. As parents, we are always being informed of the progress of our children in school daily and that make us feel very secure as we know that they are under the care of the loving teachers of MLC.

    Parents of Elstann Tan(N2), Elfreya Tan (N2), Elvina Tan (PG)

    Parents of Elstann (N2), Elfreya (N2) and Elvina (PG) – MLC Bedok Reservoir 2018

  • My daughter Hailey Goh from Nursery Purity class was a transferred student from another preschool. Having her transferred over to My Little Campus was a challenging phase for her. As a parent, I am afraid she will face difficulties adapting to this new environment and eventually show resistance to this new school, teacher and friends

    However, the Principal Karina & the class teacher Ms Melanie have done a good job! They have gone an extra mile to care about her emotional wellness. Noting Hailey was a transferred student, they gave her ample time to adapt to this school routine etc, which I think it’s worth complimenting because with that Hailey feels comfortable and welcomed and hence she shows zero resistance to this new school

    A big special thanks to Teacher Melanie for the extra miles of effort. Teacher Melanie will constantly update me on Hailey’s progress and advise me on how should I better handle the situation to aid Hailey to adapt better

    I remembered Teacher Melanie ever mentioned that Hailey dislike doing worksheet in school and she will always be one of the last few to finish her worksheet. This worries me as I have no idea on how to better help Hailey with that. Teacher Melanie will share some approaches that I can try at home to sparks her interest back to worksheet. And indeed it works!

    After months of trying and constant encouragement from Teacher Melanie, I am really delighted to hear from Teacher Melanie that Hailey was the first to finish her worksheet.
    Have to give Teacher Melanie a thumbs up:)

    Also a big thank you to Hailey’s Chinese Teacher Xu Laoshi. I believed her Chinese class was a fun & memorable one as Hailey will share with me those songs and words she learn from Xu Laoshi’ class. Not only that, she will mimic Xu Laoshi pretending giving Chinese lesson at home!

    I can see Hailey really enjoyed herself in school & I have no regrets to my decision made:)

    Vivian Tan
    14 Aug 2018

    Parents of Hailey Goh (MLC Pasir Ris N1 2018)

  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your attention and love for Katerina. Thank you for making school a great place that she looks forward to going everyday.

    Special thanks for Teacher Yuki and Ma Laoshi who have helped Katerina grow both emotionally and academically. We appreciate your care and patience in responding to our special requests.

    May you always find joy and fulfillment in your work and continue to inspire other children.

    Parents of Katerina (MLC Bishan 2018)

    Parents of Katerina (MLC Bishan 2018)

  • For the past 6 months, Shannon adapts very well to the school and enjoys her time with the teachers and her friends. We knew we had made the right choice to enrol her here. Thank you all for your dedication, care and love!

    Parents of Shannon See (MLC Bedok Rsvr – Infant 2018)

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thanks the Teachers at MLC (Pasir Ris) center for taking care of and teaching my daughter.

    My daughter joined the center since Feb this year when she was 3yrs and 3 months old. She coped very well since her 1st full day at school. She learns more and faster there. We are mainly Mandarin-speaking family, we tried to teach her English and we also sent her to English enrichment class since she was 2.5yrs old, but there isn’t much progress. But after she started school one month, she can speak simple English to us at home.

    She now knows the correct way to grip pencil and can write some alphabets even though not so neat. She shows much interesting in drawing pictures recently. She learnt a lot of English and Chinese songs which she often sings at home.

    She likes her teachers very much because the teachers at MLC (Pasir Ris) centers are very nice and patient. She likes sharing with me things about her teachers and classmates at school.

    Teacher Melanie, who is my daughter’s English teacher and I often communicate about the progress that my girl has made, and the areas that needs to be improved or put more effort on. She also shared with me lots of pictures of activities the kids are involved in at school, then I can have more topics with my daughter when we are at home. We are very happy that we have chosen MLC (Pasir Ris) center for our daughter.

    Jenny Liu (MLC Pasir Ris) – 2017

  • As a new parents, we wanted a place that would be safe and close to home to save time and travel distance. Deciding on childcare was a big decision as neither of us had attended one.

    When our daughter just started MLC early January, we actually worried that she might not use to the new environment but the teachers there encourage our child and help her overcome the fears.

    We also noticed the teachers always greet every child by their names even though they are not their class teacher.  The teachers are very friendly and always available for any questions. They take their time to explain how our daughter did at school.

    Our daughter is very fortunate to meet a wonderful principal and many wonderful teachers in MLC.

    Many thanks to the principal, teachers and the staffs of MLC.

    Xue Qin (MLC Pasir Ris) – 2017