My Little Campus Children

Our Philosophy

My Little Campus strongly believes in taking a holistic approach towards the all-rounded development of a child. We provide early childhood education that allows all children to experience learning success and become lifelong learners and contributing members of our society.

We believe that proper education at a young age is highly key to a child’s growth and can affect his/her attitude towards learning in the future. Through creating opportunities for children to work as a team and to treasure the value of teamwork helps to cultivate social skills and enable them to become effective communicators.

Through providing a good head-start for young children, we aim to equip them with necessary life-skills and a strong academic foundation for their primary school education.

We believe in nurturing a happy and confident
child, taking into account character development through imparting and inculcating good moral
values from young.

Our commitment

We are committed to provide quality care and services in the early childhood sector.

Our team of experienced, qualified and dedicated staff are committed to facilitate, motivate and develop child’s potential to the fullest.

Our Promotion of Centre-Parent Partnership

We believe that a close working relationship between parents and teachers is essential for the well-being of the child. As such, parents are kept informed about what their child has been learning in school on a weekly basis.

Feedback on the child’s learning progress is carried out on a monthly basis and biannual Parent-Teacher meetings are organized to update parents about the progress of their child’s overall development.

Corporate Background

My Little Campus is part of Horizon Education Asia Limited (HEAL) group. The group is created as an educational platform that encompasses the full education spectrum across four verticals – Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary & Training Institutes.

Group mission – to provide the best education services, tailored to the needs of the communities we serve through our rapidly growing network of educational facilities across the Southeast Asia region.

Group vision – to establish an impactful educational platform in the Southeast Asia region emphasizing the importance of education in changing the future.

Our Presence in Singapore

Childcare / Nursery / Kindergarten / Pre-schools

Training Institute