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  • our pledgeunlock your child’s ability

    As educators, we believe that learning should be tackled at the root – how to encourage intrinsic motivation in learning. From a big picture perspective, we strive in best effort basis to combine fun and academic exercises in each lesson plan – so our children can uncover unexpected fun in learning and stretch their minds. Our curriculum is designed to maximize a child’s learning potential and prepare our MLC graduate the academic-readiness to adapt well into the demands of Singapore rigorous education system.

  • bilingualismbegins as young as three

    Mandarin is voted Top 5 most difficult language in the world which requires 2200 hours to learn. As more families exclusively use English at home, children today gets much less exposure to Mandarin – making learning of this difficult language a herculean task. This is why consistent early mandarin exposure in our centers is critical for your child to effective wield mandarin before entering primary school. Our curriculum is designed to ensure students in MLC are consistently exposed to the use of Mandarin.


hear what parents have to say

  • Dear Ms Agnes

    Thank you for the update on my girl’s process. I also would like to thank all teachers for their effort. They are professional and show great dedication in their job, especially teacher Melanie, I can always reach her when I need to talk about my daughter. There are also many teachers who taught my girl whom impress me with their professionalism and their love for their kids under their charge.

    I always feel blessed as a parent with my child being educated at this school.

    Best Regards
    Vicky Bui

    Parent of Kailey (MLC Pasir Ris PG 2019)

  • My daughter Hailey Goh from Nursery Purity class was a transferred student from another preschool. Having her transferred over to My Little Campus was a challenging phase for her. As a parent, I am afraid she will face difficulties adapting to this new environment and eventually show resistance to this new school, teacher and friends

    However, the Principal Karina & the class teacher Ms Melanie have done a good job! They have gone an extra mile to care about her emotional wellness. Noting Hailey was a transferred student, they gave her ample time to adapt to this school routine etc, which I think it’s worth complimenting because with that Hailey feels comfortable and welcomed and hence she shows zero resistance to this new school

    A big special thanks to Teacher Melanie for the extra miles of effort. Teacher Melanie will constantly update me on Hailey’s progress and advise me on how should I better handle the situation to aid Hailey to adapt better

    I remembered Teacher Melanie ever mentioned that Hailey dislike doing worksheet in school and she will always be one of the last few to finish her worksheet. This worries me as I have no idea on how to better help Hailey with that. Teacher Melanie will share some approaches that I can try at home to sparks her interest back to worksheet. And indeed it works!

    After months of trying and constant encouragement from Teacher Melanie, I am really delighted to hear from Teacher Melanie that Hailey was the first to finish her worksheet.
    Have to give Teacher Melanie a thumbs up:)

    Also a big thank you to Hailey’s Chinese Teacher Xu Laoshi. I believed her Chinese class was a fun & memorable one as Hailey will share with me those songs and words she learn from Xu Laoshi’ class. Not only that, she will mimic Xu Laoshi pretending giving Chinese lesson at home!

    I can see Hailey really enjoyed herself in school & I have no regrets to my decision made:)

    Vivian Tan
    14 Aug 2018

    Parents of Hailey Goh (MLC Pasir Ris N1 2018)

  • Our twins had started with MLC (Bedok Reservoir) since 2016 and now our little one is also joining her older sibling. MLC has given them a secure and comfortable environment to grow and learn together. We can see our children are progressing daily and learning constantly with MLC. As parents, we are always being informed of the progress of our children in school daily and that make us feel very secure as we know that they are under the care of the loving teachers of MLC.

    Parents of Elstann Tan(N2), Elfreya Tan (N2), Elvina Tan (PG)

    Parents of Elstann (N2), Elfreya (N2) and Elvina (PG) - MLC Bedok Reservoir 2018

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  • our mission

    To provide younger children with unlimited learning opportunties.

  • our vision

    A reputable early childhood care and education provider most admired for its people, and curriculum operational excellence.

  • our commitment

    We are committed to provide quality care & services in the early childhood sector. Our team of experienced, qualified & dedicated staff are committed to facilitate, motivate & develop child’s potential to the fullest.

  • core values

    p - Professionalism
    a - Appreciation
    s - Service Quality
    s - Synergy
    i - Innovation
    o - Optimism
    n - Nurturing the young Spirit