Infant Care

Infant Care
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Provide your baby with a truly nurturing environment

Infants are at a delicate stage of life. At My Little Campus, we give children the gentle support and care they need to make sensory discoveries, learn their own faculties, and develop into the children they’re destined to be.


Encourage natural development

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Encourage natural development

In these early months, our priority is to create a stimulating yet tender and nurturing environment. This allows your infant to grow happily, engaged and interested yet also at ease.

An itinerary catered to their needs

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We provide stimulating, age-appropriate activities that nurture the growth of young minds. Our range of interactive activities target each of the important growth domains and build the foundations for further development.

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Why My Little Campus?

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All-rounded Development

Our approach focuses on holistic development, which means no aspect of your child’s growth will be shortchanged. We pay as much attention to your child’s social skill development as his educational refinement.


Nurturing Bilingualism

Our bilingual approach means children can establish a solid foundation in both English and Mandarin whose benefits will last long into the future. With bilingualism nurtured from an early age, children have a better chance of achieving true mastery of both languages as they continue through formal education.


Strong Parent-Teacher Relationships

We treat parents as our close partners and collaborators in education. As such, we work closely with you on the development and growth of your child, ensuring that efforts at our centre are aligned with your own efforts at home.

Our Preschool Locations

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Nurture bilingualism early on to give your child an edge

There’s a well-known adage that younger minds learn faster, which is why it makes sense to nurture bilingualism from the time your child begins learning about the world.

You can develop bilingual skills and openness to knowledge in your little one with our bilingual classes. Fill in the form below to find out more!