My Little Campus (MLC) Canberra

Our MLC @ Canberra (Admiralty) branch is conveniently located along Sembawang Drive and Admiralty Link. Easily accessed by public bus or train to Sembawang MRT, this branch is one of our trio of campuses in the north of Singapore.


Its location makes this campus especially appealing to those who want their children to have a reprieve from the concrete jungle. With Sembawang Park (and thus Wak Hassan Beach) nearby, this area is rich in local flora and fauna as well as places to visit with the whole family. 

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Centre Information

Address: 482 Admiralty Link #01-01, Singapore 750482

Contact: 67535332



Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm

Saturday 7am – 2pm

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

How to get to here

My Little Campus @ Canberra (Admiralty) is easily accessible by car or public transport.


Nearest MRT station: Sembawang (North South Line)

Bus Stop Name: Blk 483

Bus Stop ID: 58351

Bus service no.: 962 or 962B

Programmes available at MLC @ Canberra (Admiralty)

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Our Canberra preschool services cover full-day sessions ranging from Playgroup to Kindergarten 2. 

• Playgroup: 18 months to 2 years old
• Nursery 1: 3 years old
• Nursery 2: 4 years old
Kindergarten 1: 5 years old
Kindergarten 2: 6 years old

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Why choose us for preschool and childcare in Canberra (Admiralty)?

Our Infant Care programme is only available at here at MLC @ Bedok and MLC @ Wellington

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Comprehensive Curriculum Delivery for School Readiness

All-rounded development in Maths, Science, English and Mandarin

Use of visual aids, physical tools and academic exercises to stretch the minds of each student through imagination and play

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Building a Foundation in Mandarin during Formative Years

Encourage intrinsic motivation in learning a second language

Exposure to Mandarin through Han Yu Pin Yin, Listening Comprehension and recitals

Additional Speech and Drama enrichment programmes to boost bilingualism

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Focus Beyond Academic Pursuits

Providing good moral education: empathy, independence, confidence, curiosity in learning, moral values and social etiquette

Emphasis on creative learning through different platforms and play-based lesson structures

Why other parents love MLC @ Canberra

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As parents of two children with different personalities, we are grateful for enrolling our children at MLC Canberra, a school that values children for who they are.

The teachers at MLC Canberra are true professionals. They patiently manage the different needs by tailoring personalised attention and guidance to help our children develop the necessary skills at their own pace. We are truly impressed by the level of dedication of the teachers. They regularly update us on our children’s progress without overwhelming us. Teachers at MLC focus on both academics and the importance of life skills. They guide and shape our children to be independent, encourage them to explore and appreciate their creativity.

The support staffs at MLC Canberra are caring and friendly. We believe that our children are well taken care of by having balanced meals and provided with a clean environment.

We value the professionalism of the senior manager/principal of MLC Canberra on her leadership and commitment by actively involves in the education of our children which we trust has gone above and beyond her administrative role.

Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude to both current and resigned educators who play an important role in our children’s lives and have made a positive lasting impact on their growth and development.

Parent of Jia Yang and Ting Kai, MLC Canberra

Why other parents love MLC @ Canberra

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I was so nervous about leaving my child in childcare while he was age of 2, but I was immediately put at ease by the friendly and welcoming teachers at My Little Campus.

My child has thrived in their care, and I am so grateful for the loving and nurturing environment they provide. The curriculum is challenging and engaging as well. My child has learned so much in the short time that he has been there, and he loves going to school every day.

I highly recommend My little Campus to anyone looking for a quality childcare centre option.

Parents of Luca and Luis, MLC Canberra

Why other parents love MLC @ Canberra

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As a parent, I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact My Little Campus @ Canberra has had on my child’s development.

The teachers at the centre are simply outstanding. They create a warm and loving atmosphere where the children feel valued, supported and encouraged to express themselves.

Communication between the school and parents is excellent. The teachers regularly updating me on my child’s progress, milestones and area of growth. I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact the centre has had on my child’s early development. Their commitment to creating a supportive and enriching environment has laid a strong foundation for my child. I have witnessed tremendous growth in my child’s social skills, cognitive abilities and overall confidence.

Enrolling my child at My Little Campus @ Canberra has been one of the right decisions that I have made as a parent and I am grateful for the lasting impact it will have on my child’s educational journey.

Parents of Rhaegar, MLC Canberra


Why other parents love MLC @ Canberra

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Thank you for teaching and guiding my children. I have seen great improvement in their communication, eagerness to try new things and do things independently.

Parents of Arissa and Megan, MLC Canberra


Why other parents love MLC @ Canberra

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As a parent, I am truly grateful for the exceptional care and education that my children have received at My Little Campus (Canberra).

The teachers have created a warm and nurturing environment that has allowed my children to thrive. It is evident that the teachers genuinely care about the well-being and development of each child. Their dedication and passion for their work shine through every interaction they have with the children. I feel a sense of comfort knowing that my kids are in the hands of such caring professionals.

In school, my children have been encouraged to explore, make decisions, and solve problems on their own. This emphasis on independence has not only fostered their self-confidence but has also equipped them with valuable life skills. I have witnessed my children grow in their ability to take initiative and handle tasks independently, which has been instrumental in their overall development.

While academics are important, the center goes beyond that by ensuring that the children acquire general knowledge and instil moral values. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to expose children to a wide range of subjects, helping them develop a curiosity for the world around them. Additionally, the center places a strong emphasis on moral values, teaching children the importance of kindness, respect, and empathy. I believe that this holistic approach to education will serve as a strong foundation for their future endeavours.

My children have flourished under the guidance of the dedicated staff, and I am confident that they are receiving the best possible care and education. Thank you all at My Little Campus (Canberra)!

Parents of Jeremiah and Charlotte, MLC Canberra

Why other parents love MLC @ Canberra



Calvyn transferred to MLC Yishun in May last year and we were very nervous after he suddenly developed a fear of going to his previous preschool in the last couple of months with them.

Our boy is now much happier here. Both Principal Jenny and her team are very responsive and provide updates. My boy is full of praise for Teacher Lina, his class teacher for the playgroup year and loves his daily meals cooked by Auntie Teo.

This year in Nursery, Teacher Dana is equally caring and takes a lot of effort in encouraging him to converse in English as he largely spoke Mandarin at home. Now that he is older, he will tell us what he does in school everyday and that he loves going to school. He pretends to teach us at home and says he wants to be a teacher when he grows up.

He also enjoys the enrichment drama classes and Aikido sessions the school provided as options which are great to free him up for play and exploring on the weekends. As parents, we are glad to see him growing more confident and making more friends in school. Thank you very much to the team in MLC Canberra!

Parents of Calvyn, MLC Canberra

Why other parents love MLC @ Canberra

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I have a pleasant experience to have had transferred my elder child to MLC Canberra in K1 - this laid a good foundation for his P1 education and good holistic development as a whole. My younger child who started Toddler class here is also progressing well with such patient & caring teachers since Toddler class till now PG class. I would like to thank all teachers who have guided/are still guiding my child, you have been wonderful!

Parents of Caius, MLC Canberra

Why other parents love MLC @ Canberra

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Many Thanks for accompanying Ariel in her maiden learning journey. Initially, we were apprehensive she cannot adjust well. However, she did well with the guidance of both of you. That gave us a peace of mind.

We noticed Ariel has started to develop qualities such as confidence, self discipline, sociability and she also picked up some vocabulary. This facilitated her learning. Her appetite also improved as she start to lunch with her classmates.

Thank you for the hard work!

Parents of Ariel, MLC Canberra

Why other parents love MLC @ Canberra

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MLC Canberra has provided my child with an educational environment that has catered to their individual personalities. Through encouraging independent learning, they have developed in all areas and abilities both academic and creative. A team of dedicated teachers led by Ms. Jenny and non-teaching staff non-other than aunties, who take care of our precious little ones – every day!

Parent at MLC Canberra

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