Kindergarten - K1 and K2

K1 (5 years old)

Learn & Play

In MLC, K1 is an important transition year from Nursery where a child begins to be familiarized with more academic-style lessons compared to play-based pedagogy. Instead of fully focusing on academics, we believe a gradual steady-state transition helps children to maintain their love for learning.

At K1, our students take the lead in making their own arts and crafts products; using their creativity to come out with designs and colors they prefer. Through the process they can express their own individuality better, reinforcing their unique characteristics early on.

Having a strong foundation in Mandarin is also one of our key features in MLC. Our curriculum is designed to help children speak and write effectively in mandarin. Beyond classroom learning, we expand the learning of mandarin through Chinese Speech & Drama – where fun and games are weaved in.


K2 (6 years old)

School Readiness

In MLC, K2 is about setting strong foundations in academics for our children. Over the decades, primary school curriculum has required more proficiency in certain subjects the moment a child enters Primary 1.

Parents today are surprised that their child’s homework are more challenging than before. Many have voiced their concerns that their child might not be able to keep up with the highly sedentary classroom teaching style in Primary School compared to play-based curriculum most mainstream childcare centers provide.

In MLC, we try to cultivate a more academic-inclined learning environment (from K1) to allow our K2 students slowly get used to the teaching pedagogy taught in MOE. Our inclusion of worksheets also helps to lock in key concepts for our children in preparations so that they can excel academically during their early primary years.

We understand that not every parent enjoys their child predominately doing worksheets. Rest assured, our curriculum also includes various play-based activities such as arts and crafts, music and various enrichment programs.

Quite a few our MLC graduates have scored well in their cohort for primary school. We will update from time to time how our MLC graduates have performed over the years.


Choosing the right kindergarten for your child gives your child an early head start. Click here for a comprehensive guide on what to consider in making this decision.


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