Playgroup for Toddlers (3 years old)

Features of Our Playgroup

Learning Good Practices

At 3 years old, a child’s mind intentionally begins to absorb knowledge about himself and his surrounding world. At this age, sudden transitions are difficult as the child has a mindful conscience. At MLC, our teachers strive to create an assuring environment for our students and foster their independence and social skills through catered lesson plans. We weave in hands-on elements (through toys, puzzles, illustrations, drawings and more) to provide sensory experiences for every child’s development.

How It Works

Teachers begin their storytelling with vivid handmade art pieces to immerse our children into the magical worlds of fairytale stories. We emphasize on words using elaborate actions to help children retain essential meaning behind words used.

In MLC, we understand the importance of discipline and hard work during learning time. Our teachers employ a variety of effective classroom management skills to help our children settle down and listen attentively in class. When it comes to playtime, we create avenues for children explore their creativity through various art programs such as performing arts and handicraft making.

It’s time to sing and dance! When it comes to building a strong academic foundation, we understand that young children need to shake and dance a little to remain focused. Our teachers teach dance moves and fun-packed little games to enhance the learning experience. Through songs and dance, children exercise gross motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination for quicker response in physical activities.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is playgroup necessary for my child (3 years old)?
Playgroup is not necessary for a child as long as there is a qualified full-time caretaker with focused attention on a child’s development.

Young children are like sponges who absorb knowledge readily. Playgroups provide children with a social setting for opportunities to pick up social skills, communication skills and independence. Guided learning of educational concepts help ignite an eagerness to learn as children are encouraged by their teachers.

These activities such as storytelling, identification of objects as well as basic skills such as eating and using the toilet on their own are some examples. By starting young in a childcare centre, it is easier for a child to adapt to a comfortable routine suitable for continued learning and development.

What if my child is the shy type? Will he or she blend well in a playgroup?
Children go through different phases in their early years. Social skills are introduced and practiced in a childcare environment. If the child is on the shy side, our trained teachers will guide them gently by encouraging the child to express his/her needs through the playgroup class routine. In time, the child will be able to verbalize their needs through growth in the following factors (confidence to speak up, language acquisition etc).

These skills are built through MLC’s comprehensive curriculum as we strongly believe in the holistic development of each child.

Do parents get to sit in during the playgroup?
Parents only get to sit-in for their child’s classes during Orientation Period (which is valid for 1st three days of child’s school days and usually catered for the children aged up to 3). We do not advise parents to enter premises of childcare due to safety and disruption concerns.

Parents however are invited to the premises to organize a birthday party for their child subjected to center’s approval.

What precautions are in place for the outdoor activities to ensure my child does not get hurt?
A first aid staff will also be present for all outdoor activities. A portable first aid kit will also be brought along. The teacher child ratio is also in accordance to ECDA guidelines for the respective age groups to ensure each child is taken care of and looked out for.


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