Nursery (4 years old)

Primer to Knowledge

A child begins to experience intense curiosity at 4 years old over how the world works. He or she will begin to establish the idea of self and begin to express themselves creatively in a nascent stage.

Engaging all 5 Senses

At 4 years, our children will be taught to read and handle more complex learning materials through familiarization of their 5 senses. A child’s sense of wonder leads to inquiry-based curious learning that encourages a child’s passion. Their knowledge and confidence in identification will be further deepened from their pre-Nursery days. Parents are surprised from time to time their child can identify advanced concepts and items in their daily routine.

Nurturing Learners who Love Learning through Interdisciplinary Activities

Opportunities for creativity, exploration and discovery are a daily necessity. At MLC, we expose our children to a myriad of storytelling tales, engaging item identifications and first-hand multi-sensory experiences. It is important to us that each child becomes an independent, caring and creative individual.

Here, children at 4 will familiarize themselves with finer motor skills development, handwriting practices, English Vocabulary & Phonics and Mandarin recital & writing abilities. We also introduce analogies, patterns and active learning games in learning to groom active learners and encourage students’ motivation to learn new skills every day.

We also teach our nursery children to be confident in communicating their needs (e.g. dietary, toilet training) so they can perform such duties on their own safely with supervision.


Attending nursery in preschool is an important step in building your child’s education foundation. Click here for more information and nursery enrolment benefits in the development of young children.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I receive subsidies when I enroll my child at MLC nursery?
Singaporean Working Mothers, working 56 hours and more in a month will be entitled to $300 Basic Subsidy. There are two kinds of Additional Subsidy (AS).

HHI – Household Income (Household combined income cannot exceed $7500)

PCI – Per Capita Income (Household Income cannot exceed $7500, Per capita income cannot exceed $1875 and there should be 5 family members residing in the same residential address. The AS amount is subject to ECDA approval.)

Kindly visit the Ministry of Social and Family Development webpage here for more information on the eligibility of childcare subsidy based on your household income level and situations.

How will my child be disciplined if he misbehaves?
Our students will be reminded on appropriate classroom behaviors as classroom rules are regularly reinforced. Should negative behavior be displayed, our teachers will take time to speak to the child about it. Likewise, positive behaviors will be rewarded to encourage our students. Various positive reinforcements will also be practiced.

We also believe in close communication with parents and working hand in hand to ensure each child’s well-being and character development is nurtured in MLC.

Will there be exams or tests to gauge if my child has learnt well what is taught at school?
We attach a monthly checklist in every student’s Communication Book. This checklist highlights the various areas of learning in school for each month. These will assist parents in gauging their child’s overall and subject specific progress.

Additionally, parent teacher meetings are held twice a year. During these sessions, teachers highlight to parents the strengths and areas of improvement of their child. Parents also get to review their child’s work samples at home upon completion and stay in the loop of their child’s learning journey at MLC.

Ad-hoc phone calls and Communications Book updates also allow parents to find out more on their child’s progress.

Is the nursery programme full day or half day?
Due to popular demand, we offer a full day nursery program at MLC from 7am to 7pm on weekdays and from 7am to 2pm on Saturdays. We ensure that the nursery curriculum is progressive and comprehensive to cater to the learning needs of the class.

Will there be outdoor trips for my child?
There are excursions organized each term (4 times a year) as well as outdoor activities. These activities will be informed to parents beforehand. Parents’ consent is obtained prior to these field trips. Outdoor movement and sports activities are conducted to enhance each child’s gross motor development.

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