Toddlers (18 months – 2 years old)

Currently available at MLC Canberra, Wellington, Sembawang, Bishan, Bedok Reservoir & Pasir Ris Centre

Exploring their worlds through senses

Learning About the World

Toddlers learn about their environment through their hands and observation skills.

At My Little Campus, we encourage fine motor development in our toddlers with scribbling activities and through rhythm, rhymes and stories – we encourage our toddlers in speech and imagination, stimulating language development from a young age. The integration of hands-on activities is planned for our toddlers to explore, experience and discover the world around them! All in all, we provide an environment for them to play and explore for early social and emotional development.

Helping Your Toddler Adjust

Children at this age also experience separation anxiety when newly enrolled into an entirely different environment where Mama and Papa are not around. However, with time, children will grow familiar to their new class routine. Toddlers will also learn to develop basic motor skills, be exposed to immersive linguistics, fun activities and build self-confidence through collaborative playtime with peers.

Over time, toddlers at MLC will develop into happy and confident children.


Read about our Playgroup Curriculum here for children aged 3 years old.


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